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Women at the Well is a musical meditation, a concert, and an experience: A collection of songs written from the points of view of some of Christ's women disciples. This is a live program that can be presented in either concert or retreat format. Since the inception of the program in 2000, musicians/songwriters Brenda DeKeyzer Lowry and Joshua "Bubba" Murrell have presented their original music in churches, parish halls, private homes and at retreats and labyrinths in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond. They perform as B & B on the Rock.

Who were the women who followed Christ? Mary sings her baby to sleep and sings of the Universal Miracle of Birth. The woman whose faith led her to touch Christ's cloak to receive healing shares her discovery of the power of love. And the unnamed woman who baked the bread for the Last Supper shows us how all gifts are important, and we are all miracles. You will hear from the woman at the well in a blues song as well as from the women waiting at the cross.

These, and many others, tell their story through song. Some are quietly contemplative; others elicit laughs and the urge to dance along. All encourage introspection, thought, and a realization that we have a lot in common with these women of 2,000 years ago. Welcome! Please stay for a while...visit the "Music" page and listen to a few selections from the Women at the Well program, and learn more about B & B on the Rock and Women at the Well. Thank you for visiting!!

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