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B & B on the Rock: Music

Rock My Baby Jesus

(B & B on the Rock)
Luke 2:16 - 20
Mary reflects on the very personal miracle of new life. "You're going to save the world, but you're my baby for a while...peace on earth can wait while you're my baby boy."

Rock my baby Jesus, sweet and loving child
You’re going to save the world but you're my baby for a while
Yes, you are the Son of God; the angels sing with joy
But peace on earth can wait while you're my baby boy.

When the angel said "Hail, Mary," I said, Lord, am I your one?
He said you are God’s servant, will you have His blessed son?
I think God works a miracle each time a baby's born
Son of God, you're son of mine on Christmas Morn.


The cows and sheep began to speak, and then the angels came
Shepards, kings and everyone said Blessed is his name;
Gloria, they brought you gifts, and they called you King
The world smiled when it could hear the angels sing.


(verse 3)
Can I watch you play upon the shores of Galillee?
Let me hold you close before you go to Calvary.
Because my baby Jesus, you're my baby not for long
but for now I'll hold you close and I will sing this song.