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B & B on the Rock: Music

Martha's Blues

(B & B on the Rock)
Martha grumbled about housework while Mary sat and listened to Christ's teaching. Christ was radical in that He taught to women; such teaching in this time was only given to men. Meanwhile, Martha grumbles about the housework!
She’s been working hard all day
no time for rest, sure no time for play
a whole houseful of hungry men....
looks like Martha’s got the blues again.

Come on sister can’t you help out?
She says all you do is sit & hang about
hearing and watching this preacher man
while poor martha could use a helping hand.

Pity poor Martha, she’s got the blues
Given a choice what’s Mary gonna choose?
To feed her guests or feed her soul
Looks like Mary has found a pot of gold.

“Now come on sister” she says, give a little help
Don’t you know this place won’t clean itself!
I’m gonna tell him that you’re no good
you’re not being a doormat like a woman should!

Pity poor Martha she’s got the blues
given a choice it’s appearances she’ll choose
She doesn’t know how to let it all hang loose
Looks like Martha’s got a bad case of the blues.

Mary knows what’s important that’s what the man did say
there’s a kingdom gonna come her way. Some things are better’n housework
That’s what I’m told - looks like Mary would rather feed her soul.

Hey, Hey, Martha, get over the blues! Housework fights forever
and you’re always gonna lose. But the kingdom of heaven
oh what a plan, drop your dishrag sister,
and listen to the man--
Quit complaining, sit on down
and listen to the man
Quit crying, and
and Martha - hey, Martha, lose the blues.