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B & B on the Rock: Music

Our Father, Our Mother

(B & B on the Rock)
Father, Mother, God, Creator, Hallowed be thy name.
Upon earth, thy Will in heaven, be all things the same.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, creator of all
Let us walk with thee in harmony
Let us hear clear thy call.

Mother, Father, God, Creator, give us each day our needs.
When we fall forgive us all and plant in our hearts thy seed.
Thy seed of love to forgive all of
our human faults and pain
Help us walk in thee and thy grace to see
and heaven is ours to gain.

Kingdom, love,
power and glory
all life part of your wondrous story
Are of thee given unto me
for all and all, amen.

God, oh birther, all creator glorious be thy name.
Breath of heaven, given for all, let us see the same.
Help us find for humankind
that all paths lead to love.
Help us find thy light and lead a life
with blessings thou hast given of.

Kingdom, love,
power and glory
all things a part of thy wondrous story
are thine own
and thee alone
for all and all amen
Are of thee given unto me, forever and all, amen.