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B & B on the Rock: Press

Brenda and her performing partner, Bubba, bring smoothness to this performance. After the concert at my home, many said, "I didn't know it was going to be so professional!" Women at the Well moved me to tears and laughter. The time flew by as I was caught up in the story and sound of these often forgotten women of the Bible. Brenda's beautiful singing voice has sweetness, depth and range and the instrumental music supported her beautifully without being overwhelming. What a joy to have experienced this concert.

Lyn Holley Doucet - The Sacred Center

In March of 2015, we were blessed to have B & B on the Rock/Women at the Well with us for a concert during Lent.   We were entertained and spiritually moved by the music that Joshua “Bubba” Murrell and Brenda DeKeyzer Lowry shared with us.  Their gift of music grounded in the spirit of is an inspiration.  It is joy-filled and thought provoking.  Trinity Episcopal Church is honored to call them companions on the journey. ~~ Rev. Julie N. Harris, Trinity Episcopal Church, Martinsburg, WV

Rev. Julie N. Harris - Trinity Episcopal Church, Martinsburg, WV

"B&B on the Rock- Brenda and Bubba blessed our Unity congregation. Their music and message moved us deeply. We laughed, our hearts were opened and we felt spirit speak to us.  We were moved from Blues to joy, laughter and a meditation in song.  Their music and Brenda's voice touched our souls."

Rev. Anne Murphy - Unity of Berkeley Springs, WV

"B & B on the Rock delivers a heart-felt musical interpretation of the women followers of Jesus.  Recognizing that we all have a little bit of "Martha" in us as well as the capacity of the great faith and love of Mary, the songs touch upon universal experiences, resonating within everyone.  The angelic voice of Brenda Lowry, accompanied by the beautiful keyboards played by Joshua Murrell set the stage for a Spirit-led performance that invited us to enter into a greater awareness of who we are in all our humanity and divinity.  Their music touches hearts and helps us reclaim the ancient stories as our own!"

Reverend Sandy Boyer, Unity of Hagerstown, MD

Women at the Well is an experience not to be missed!  Brenda and Joshua have created beautiful music that is uplifting, joyful, poignant, and always heartfelt.  I gained a deeper appreciation and feeling of connection to these wonderful women in the Bible.

What a perfect presentation for the Lenten season or any time of the year!

Reverend Julie Vance, Unity Church, Palmyra (Apr 3, 2015)
"You'll never read about women in the New Testament in the same manner after attending a Women at the Well concert. The performance interprets the wonderful variety of gifts of New Testament women in original words/music by a brilliant duet from south Louisiana. The night 'Bubba' Murrell and Brenda Lowry presented Women at the Well for the first time, as an ordination gift to me, was a night marking a profound spiritual experience I will always treasure." --The Venerable Diane Moore, (retired) Archdeacon of Diocese of Western Louisiana (Episcopal)
The Venerable Diane Moore
The Women at the Well" is a wonderful creation of theatre and music based on the Bible story, written and presented by a pair of gifted performers. I loved it and commend it to others." -- Episcopal Bishop Willis Henton (deceased)
Episcopal Bishop Willis Henton
"It has been such a pleasure to offer the B & B on the Rock production [CD] of Rock My Baby Jesus in our bookstore. If only Brenda and Bubba could be present to appreciate the wonderful comments their music inspires. Their musical talent, which is further enhanced with spirituality, is an awesome package.
"I have also had the privelege to participate in a retreat conducted by Brenda and Bubba (Women at the Well). It was both an enlightening and a fulfilling spiritual experience. The songs blended beautifully with the scriptures and the meditations they presented. Our group was thoroughly engaged and very inspired." -- Lorraine Kingston, Theresians, and owner of Books Along the Teche
Lorraine Kingston - Theresians